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Nanzikambe Arts is Malawi’s leading arts development organization that is involved in the creation and performance of high quality, innovative touring theatre productions, film and radio drama, and works with the development community in using theatre and the arts to support positive social change on key thematic areas of health, good governance, malaria prevention, HIV&AIDS prevention, maternal health and climate change.

Since its formation in March 2003, Nanzikambe Arts Development Organization has grown to become a centre of excellence in the Southern Africa region, performing collaborative work within Malawi, across the SADC Region and internationally. The organization currently employs 15 core staff and attracts Malawi's most dynamic creative talents ranging from actors, musicians, dancers, choreographers, craftsmen, designers, visual artists to researchers, writers, development practitioners and directors.



Nanzikambe has been a recipient of core organisational funding from the Norwegian Embassy since August 2008.
This funding enables a multidisciplinary arts programme.


Nanzikambe Arts
Development Organization
Plot No. SW8/500/16B
Mibawa Avenue
Naperi Township
P.O. Box 1252
Blantyre, Malawi
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+265 (0) 999 951 273
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The Messenger: This is a devised production based on a Malawian legend.  The play explores the themes of power, religion, sin and justice.  Through research for the production, the team discovered the Mbona Story and visited the site, Khulubvi, in the Southern Region where the Mbona belief is rooted. 

The magnitude of this experience influenced the creation of the performance ‘The Messenger’. ‘In a land called Marabvi deep in the warm heart of Africa there lived a group of people known as the Amarabvi under the leadership of Chief Lundu

Everything in this play is true. It is based on Jack Mapanje’s memoir, and in adapting it I have been careful to be faithful to the story, and portray what actually happened to him during his imprisonment in Mikuyu Prison and in the time immediately before and after his incarceration. Launched on Saturday the 3rd Sunday the 4th and Monday the 5th at our space in Naperi, Saturday night’s show was outstanding with Brown Mpinganjira a former prison mate of Jack Mapanje on whom the piece is centered shedding tears, making very touching comments at the end of the show and the show getting very great reviews in both print and electronic media.


Being a tiger is a state of mind, this one man show is at the moment showing in germany, The play is commissioned by Nanzikambe Arts’ German based partnering company Theatre Konstanz and is set for several tour performances in German in May this year.


Nanzikambe Arts Development Organization Plot No. SW8/500/16B Mibawa Avenue Naperi Township P.O. Box 1252 Blantyre, Malawi

Nanzikambe news:

Nanzikambe Arts Set To Host Mwezi Wawala International Arts and Theatre Festival

The days are fast approaching to this year’s edition of Mwezi Wawala Festival slated to kick-off from August 30 to September 1.
This is the time when all roads in Blantyre, Malawi lead to The Arts café run by Nanzikambe Arts in Naperi Township.

It is also the time for theatre and arts enthusiasts to enjoy the can’t-miss classical and avant-garde performances from across the globe. .

This year’s festival will give both international and local audiences a chance to see marginalised arts genres in session and these are: poetry/story-telling, theatre, traditional dance, acoustic music and art exhibitions from Malawi and outside the country happening one after another on one space.